Eddie Hunter: Mountain Man


E    D    D    I    E         H    U    N    T    E    R

 A Wilderness Man at Heart


Legendary skier and Banff local Eddie Hunter has been living in the mountains his entire life, and at age 90 he has a few things to say about mountain culture and climate change. His dedication and endurance for mountain life is as inspirational as it is impressive.

Eddie was born in 1926, the same year Mount Norquay Ski Hill began operations. It is absolutely astounding that he is still skiing to this day. He has never taken where he lives for granted. “You walk out of the house and you’ve got a gift,” he said. “Growing up in Banff, everyday I had the gift of the Rockies and outdoor life.” Eddie went on to mention that when he was a kid growing up in Banff it was much different than kids growing up today in this technological age, with less screens and modern distractions he had more time to enjoy the outdoors. Even at age 90 Eddie Hunter exemplifies the spirit of the Canadian Rockies with his out going attitude and respect for Mother Nature.


A Brief History


In his heyday Eddie was a competing ski racer and also starred in many ski films. His extensive knowledge of the mountains is matched only by his diehard passion for skiing. Nowadays Eddie still skies in the winter and is active either on his bike or walking around Banff National Park in the summer.

He is an ambassador to Mount Norquay, has wrote a book on the mountain titled: The Spirit of Norquay, and even has a ski run named after him on the hill, called “hEaD HUNTER”. Eddie embodies what most of us hope we will be as we grow older, a mountain man through and through.


 The Future



Eddie is also shaping the future of bow valley skiing by his bold dedication to the sport. Kyle Hagan, 25, a local Bow Valley skier has been influenced by Eddie’s passion for skiing ever since seeing the Sherpa’s Cinema mini-doc, Sculpted in Time: The Wise Man, at the Banff Film Festival last year. “I hope I can ski half as hard as Eddie at that age,” he said. Kyle is originally from Ontario but was drawn to the Rockies for the same reason Eddie never left. “The vast landscape offers endless possibilities.”





Climate Change


Mount Norquay is the oldest ski resort in the Canadian Rockies and Eddie has been on the slopes more than most and he had this to say about the climate change in the area over the past few decades.. “I have lived here a long time and people always say we used to have more snow and you know that type of thing but my memory doesn’t remember it that way,” he said. He also acknowledged that some years there was more snow, some less, but overall nothing noticeable. Either way his motto was respect the mountains and they will respect you.





Eddie embodies what it is to be one with the mountains. His knowledge, skill, and interest in the Canadian Rockies are second to none. He may be 90 years young but his actions say otherwise.



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